After an interesting turn of event – Censorship was at its finest today.

All private and public Facebook groups were deleted with no explanation.

Everyone in this group knows that we were OVER cautious to delete any discussion of any violent actions or events. In fact we always made sure even the events we posted included the words “Peaceful Protest” in them.

After an hour of deleting we received the notification:

They brought us back in for about an hour. Then deleted us again. Please favorite this page; follow us on Parler, and like us on MeWe. This endeavor is expensive. We could use donations to continue our platform running, so please if you have a couple bucks to spare feel free to donate. We are running short of resources; but as long as we’re able we will continue to post LIVE updates and VIDEO/PICTURES of the DC March and more!

We signed up for Parler. Here's what you'll find on the right's latest  social media platform | The Independent | The Independent
Stop The Steals Parler

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