Tuesday December 08, 2020

By Charlie McCarthy    

Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp’s refusal to allow the rechecking of voters’ signatures makes no sense, according to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio on Newsmax TV.

“For the life of me, I do not know why Gov. Kemp will not allow us to recheck the signatures,” Jordan told co-host Bob Sellers on Tuesday’s “American Agenda.” “They weren’t checked on the recount. Let us recheck the signatures and see if there is truly a problem there.

“If it was such a good election and there were no problems, then why not let us look at the signatures? That’s, I think, a pretty common-sense approach, but unfortunately the governor won’t allow that to happen.”

Jordan not only looked to governors, he said state legislatures also could help get to the truth of the election.

“The Constitution is clear: It’s the state legislature that sets the time, manner, and place of an election,” Jordan said. “It’s also the state legislatures around the country who determine what electors get sent [when] the Electoral College meets.”

Jordan said it was important to continue looking into the election results because a significant part of the electorate believes the election was stolen from President Donald

“For that reason alone, we should exhaust every avenue we have to get to the truth because that’s not a healthy situation,” Jordan said.

Speaking from his office, Jordan said Kemp and several other governors could take actions to get to the truth “so you don’t have a situation where over a third of the electorate thinks there was a problem.”

Jordan, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, also addressed a lawsuit filed Tuesday from Texas. The suit asks the U.S. Supreme Court to toss out the votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and allow their Republican-majority state legislatures to appoint electors.

The filing, by Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, argues the mentioned states used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to unlawfully change their election rules.

“[The lawsuit] regarding a number of states. I think that’s great,” Jordan said. “Trending on Twitter was ‘God Bless, Texas!’

“Understand this, too: Two numbers that I think are really important – 17 and 66; 17 witnesses the Democrats brought forward in their fake impeachment process . . . and remember, those 17 came forward based on one anonymous whistleblower . . . vs. the 66 people who have testified in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.”

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Source: Newsmax

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  1. Governer Kemp and his Raspenberger should be arrested immediately and all others involved in this conspiracy-call it as is.We the people are standing strong for our great President Trump.

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