One thought on “LIVE: Secretary Pompeo delivers remarks at Voice Of America.”
  1. I’m concerned about the loss of our Constitution, the 1st, the 2nd, heck the 3rd if they feel that it’s right to have people live in our own house and to lose property, the 4th, the 5th based on legal arguments that the social norm is to incriminate ones self.. we need America and the direction that this country is leading towards is frightening. The divide that Biden and his ideology is heading towards is not healthy for this nation. The world need to learn about their ways and plans, how the divide and racial politics is a virus that there IS NO vaccine for. The hypocrisy is abundant and that must come to an end! Please help America, we cannot keep our gloves on any further. A conservative approach has led us here, and now we are all victims of the power that the Left has. Time is now to show this nation and the world just how ugly their game is. They are not about unity, they never have been. America first is no longer, America will be no more if they have the power to cancel everything and everyone that doesn’t fall into line with their views. They are forcing the hands of many that are going to be/already are fed up with these lies and allowed (socially/racially) violence. I don’t want to see any more propaganda, I’m tired of the political violence and race-bating. Please step up and lead!

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